Gods Leading Ladies Of Brandon

God's Leading Ladies of Brandon

Are you a modern woman, looking to blaze a trail for others to follow? Then, join the Start Fresh Counseling Center chapter of God's Leading Ladies Life Enrichment Program! You'll experience nine weeks of powerful and provoking lectures, interactive workshops and learning lunches. GLL is a widely celebrated and highly effective program designed to position, propel and stretch you beyond your comfort zone into the possibilities of "more". Register today!!

Founded by the bestselling Author of God's Leading Lady Bishop T. D. Jakes, the Program was started by Mrs. Jakes in 2003. GLL positions women to walk out of the shadows and into the light with their gifts stirred and unlock.

GLL Curriculum Outline:

1.    Through the Eyes of A Visionary (Purpose & Planning)

2.    Being in Relationship with Life (Personal& Professional)

3.    A Balance of Power (Body, Soul, & Spirit)

4.    A Lifestyle of Leadership (Going First & Staying the Course)

5.    A Credible Lifestyle (Financial Accountability)

6.    A Healthy Life   (Physical Fitness & Healthy Habits)

7.    The Fine Art of Presentation   (Projection, Influence, and Impact)

8.    The Final Touch (Words of Wisdom & Love)

Ladies, broaden your horizons by joining your local chapter of God's Leading Ladies! Receive insightful teaching from Bishop T. D.  & Mrs. Serita Jakes, Soledad O'Brien, Judge Lynn Toler, Lisa Bevere and more! Join today, and pave the path to your future with God's Leading Ladies!

For more information call local Brandon Chapter 813-489-4547

Please Complete GLL registration form and fax it to our local office. Fax number :813-381-5140

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